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Yes, it has been a while

Hey everyone,

i know it's been a while since i have posted on the boards, but i hope everyone is well. I haven't been able to post much, because i have been very busy, and well, visiting the boards has fallen to the back burner. But, i just wanted to check in, i hope everyone's holiday season is going well thus far. I'll try to update some of my threads, but everything is doing ok, (with the exception of my mugho pine, i don't think it made it). I'll also try to post here more often.

Nice to be back! 8)


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Hey Joe,

Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the Mugho. I'll be looking for the updates. All of my things are put away for the winter with the exception of the Live Oak, Ficus and Crassulas. I was surprised to see one of my Jades set flower buds this fall and it is now in full flower. The first time I have ever seen that in person.


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Hey Joe - welcome back!

Norm - My Jade also went to flower - must be something in the air!

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Thanks for popping in Joe!

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