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pruning ficus retusa

Have just bought a large bonsai looks really healthy buts needs pruning. when is the best time to prune it? can I prune it now because it really does need it and will shoots come off the branch as some of them are quite long.


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Since they are tropical and have no real dormancy period you can prune throughout the year. Since I am able to move mine outside during the summer I have been doing all of my work during the growing season. Re-potting, hard chops, pruning and cuttings all in the summer when they are in active growth. My indoor lighting is far from ideal and I find that growth slows considerably for me over the winter so I do not do much work then.

Unless you have quality supplemental lighting I think I would wait. Ficus are known for losing some/all of their leaves after a move and yours may, although mine never have. You should look into some lighting as our homes are generally rather dim, even if it does not seem so to you.



I hope this helps some and welcome to the site.


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