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Turface is similar to DE? DE absorbs water, does Turface?
Yes. This from the website of the parent Co. [url=]Profile.[/url]
Turface MVP can be incorporated into your infield mix. It fights infield compaction that leads to running, sliding and bad ball hop injuries. MVP holds moisture, nutrients and increases drainage as a result of balanced air and water pore space.

MVP can also be used as a topdressing to quickly turn muddy conditions into dry, safe surfaces. MVP absorbs its weight in water, allowing play to resume quickly after the rain stops.
This is the product I have used in the past, the MVP suffix indicates the size/grade which is larger than some of their other products.



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Alisios: I quite often use chopped-up sphagnum, perlite, semi-fine pine-bark mulch along with varying amounts of calcined-clay (basically sifted Profile-made soil-conditioner, see link of Gnome's above. Same stuff now available under different 'name brands', fwiw, Schultz, Inc being one of at least several, IME, at Ace Hardware). I vary amounts of each 'ingredient, but I do find that the chopped-up sphagnum works much better than peat moss as far as water-retention *and* rewettability (bad word, I know, but is a functional word for intent, I guess, LOL!). Peat moss just goes to 'brick' way too easy (or washes out as well), IMO, but sphagnum seems to last the whole season in an acceptable (and functional) manner...the other stuff helps keep it 'loose' enough for great growth (especially the roots) - and all the above can certainly be adjusted as desired until a happy 'medium' is reached. Just my experiences last year. To each their own, of course :-) Oklahoma is not noted for cool summers, either, LOL! And the wind can dry anything out in short order too, so I had to factor that in as well...

HTH and makes sense to ya,

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