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A newbie with an old bonsai

I bought a bonsai that is fully grown. The leaves are coming off pretty fast. Live in norway, its a dark an cold winter. The bonsai is indoors naturally.
Can I get a tip on how to water it etc. I have no clue. Its about 80 cm tall.
Any tips you have will be helpfull. Is it naturall for the leaves to come off during winter by the way?

greatful for a reply...

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We really need more information to make any meaningful comments. The species of the tree will dictate if it can be kept inside full time or if it requires a dormant period. Similarly, the species, and how it has been kept recently, will help answer the question of leaf loss. If by chance it is a deciduous tree the leaf loss may be normal, if a tropical then something else is going on.

If you do not know the species then perhaps you can post some pictures. Here is a thread with tips for taking better pictures and a link to another thread detailing the posting process.


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