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Information for beginners...

Here is a web site that I highly recommend to all people new and old to bonsai. There is a ton of information covering all aspects of bonsai. It's a good read and he won't sell you a tree unless you come up here and get it (BTW it snowed today). Let me know if it was worth the click.



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Nice site!

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I can say that the bit about 'water vapor' being the way a tree takes up water is not fully accurate - but close enough, I guess. Wrong concept - and if this was true, a bald cypress, as just one example, could not exist whatsoever ;) Nor could sequoia, some redwoods, blah, blah... and a willow would never extend roots in that glass of water where they root so readily (!). Examples just keep popping into my head, haha. This person totally discounts the many ways that Nature 'waters' tree roots, LOL. Whatever.. not wanting to delve into 'advanced concepts' that this person seems to be unaware of, or does ot know how to relate with written word too well :)

"Completely dry soil" for 25% of time??? nope, no way, no how, and rarely, if ever(!) - don't do it unless the *species* wants it. Some species will die, guaranteed, if allowed to completely dry out ;) "period of dryness to allow vapor to form" - huh?! Not correct, LOL. There must be wetness for tis so-called vapor, 'eh?

Checking root ball? I cannot see my root balls and would rather not pull out of pot all time to check it ;) ANd he goes on to say that root-ball should never be allowed to become bone-dry - complete opposite of "25%-of-time dry soil" statement, IMO. Confusing statements, huh?

Leaf edges folding inwards? Rarely - that's pretty far past 'bone-dry', IME.

"Watering daily when sunny" ??? Nope - again in contrast to other 'advice' ;)

"Potbound trees dry out faster" - not necessarily if the roots are 'inactive' and not taking up water and making 'dead-spots' - so much more is involved than the oversimplification being used... sigh...

Misting: not generally how it is recommended, IMO. Its a *species* thing - not 'in general' as he is stating.

Fertilizing page: don't follow those guidlines. Not all that accurate, for sure(!) ;)

I cannot 'endorse' the approach this person takes as a 'general advice' link to follow. And this is just from that one page. Some of the stuff he says is not within, or even close to, the usual methods, and I bet someone could *easily* misinterpret how things were written out.

One more (and last one I will mention) is that indoor trees should be repotted just before dormancy breaks...*indoor trees* have adormancy??? That's a new one ;)

I am sure this person has a clue, but is not too godd at putting pen to paper, so to speak... I will continue to stick to recommending Brent's & Harry Harrington's writings firstly and foremostly, with selective other 'articles' to give a choice.

And I am not meaning to 'slam' that site - its just not all that well-written in 'concept' and application-description, IMO...


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