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Jack pine seedling

Hey! So I posted on here before about how my seedling was doing. I gave it some soil that it is better-suited to, am gradually putting it in more sunlight, and it's looking a little better. Any tips on how to keep it looking better?

The attached photo is how it's looking now.
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Re: Jack pine seedling

I would ditch the under-pan it is a housekeeping tool for trees brought indoors to die.

You new soil looks to be bark nuggets and masons sand. It might work, but trees kept long term are in a larger size particle mix. let it go for now. Sun is what it will need.

Start looking for a double-walled cardboard box. It will some holes in the bottom and a nest of straw will be its winter home on your porch this winter.

Between now and May, find some cactus-soil and preserve it against use in next springs repotting.
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