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identifying bonsai!

hi I've just bought a bonsai and am trying to identify it! and also find some care information! got the basic's off the internet just wondered if there anything specific for the tree if I can identify it! thanks in advance if you can help!




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I could be wrong but I think it looks like a ficus -

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Tiger bark Ficus Retusa for sure.

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bmbeyond wrote:Tiger bark Ficus Retusa for sure.
I agree, Here is a care sheet: And a link to Jerry Meisliks website, He literally wrote the book on ficus bonsai:

Please review the stickys at the top of the page for some general care tips as well as info on the properties of proper bonsai soil.

See the articles at & For more info, We will be here to answer your forthcoming questions.

See here for a tase of what is possible in bonsai: 8)


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thanks for you help guys! will see how it goes with it now! hopefully will keep it alive!

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You should do fine. I bought my ficus retusa, which was my first bonsai, over a month ago and it's doing fine. It lost a lot of leaves in the first couple of weeks but it seems to have settled into its new environment pretty well by now.

I took a cutting off it a few days after I bought it and put it in water. That's started to grow roots in the last week.

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