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I have recently received an Azalea as a gift. It is from one of those store "floral counters". There are actually three plants in the pot (6") and they are standing about a foot high.
It is in full bloom, with some buds still opening. So I am assuming it is not a Satsuki.

It is my underatnding from the quick research that I've done, that these "gift shop" varieties are not hardy ( I live in zone 5/6 - temps can remain below 0F for weeks at times).

So.... I am intending to wait until it stops flowering, then separate the 3 plants and repot each into a training pot size container, and move them to a cool room to finish out the winter (50-55F).

As I have no experience with Azaleas, I thought I'd solicit advice....


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Hi Moulman,

You are correct they won't survive in your zone. Here's how to care for them.

I don't know much about bonsai but I'm sure others will come along and inform you if you can bonsai them and keep them indoors for the winters.


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I do not see why it could not exist in Idaho. I hail from Sun Valley/Ketchum myself (and Twin Falls, too) and the climate is not all that bad if you protect it during winter ;)

Search out the care for such - and see if you can get a good ID on it. Floral stores can get anything to bloom with greenhouses, so not a good way to asume an ID... I had a few satsukis that bloomed great in Fall ;)

Remember that azaleas are basally (sp?) dominant, so you need to cut 'em hard down low or apex gets all messy. Stuff like that you should definitely know... And do not mess with them until you see bud swell, then do the repotting bit. Use rather moisture retentive soil (opposite of what is usually preached), but nothing that will 'rot' They love organic stuff - need to do a bit of reading on that :)


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