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Help me with Bonsai Tree

I am currently looking after a bonsai tree for a friend while they are on vacation for a month. I received it on Sunday June 28, 2015. I was told that it should be kept indoors and watered every 3-4 days. It was watered that Sunday, Thursday July 2nd, and Sunday July 5th. I just inspected it today and it is turning brown. What should I be doing? Should I move it to a location with more sunlight? Should I water it less? I have no idea what type of bonsai tree this is other than the fact that the owner has always kept it indoors. You can see in the picture that the tips are starting to brown and there is one small branch that is completely brown already. Can this tree die in a week since I got it??

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Re: Help me with Bonsai Tree

Juniper are never "indoors" trees. Juniper die long before they turn brown. I doubt this one was alive when you received it.
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Re: Help me with Bonsai Tree

I agree. That's a Juniper, & Junipers are definitely NOT indoor bonsai. I doubt your friend has had it for all that long, although as the previous poster mentioned, Junipers can appear green for a long time after they are, in fact, dying. But I don't think this tree is dead yet.

I don't know where you're located, but unless you live in the desert & fear the tree would fry, I would put this poor thing outside asap in a sunny spot & cease watering until the soil feels dry at least a 1/2" down. Another thing that bonsai do not tolerate is being watered on a set "schedule". They should always be watered by testing the dryness of the soil.

And if, with all your efforts, the tree does expire, don't beat yourself up over it. If your friend planned to keep it indoors ad infinitum, it was already doomed.
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