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Bonsai ID Help Please and Looking After them

Hi there Helpfulgardeners,
So I decided to buy two small bonsais and they are my first ever bonsai's. I'm not really sure how to look after them, the guy at nursery said to water them every 3 days and take them outside in the morning to get the morning sun then bring them inside at night so they don't get the night frost. I live in Melbourne, Australia and it's getting down to 10 degrees at night and it's quite frosty.
Also, I am trying to find out what type of species they are but I am having no luck! Would any one be able to tell me what they are! Thank you so so much, hope you can help me out.

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duplicate post, I responded to this where you posted it before.

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While I can't identify them for you, I will advise NOT to take your nursery man's advice re: watering.

Regardless of whether it's a bonsai or any other plant, there is no such thing as predictable "every three days" watering. Plants have to be checked individually as to whether or not it's time for a drink. As in you sticking your finger in to discover what the soil conditions are. An "every three days" rule - especially for a bonsai - could mean dying from dehydration or drowning.

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