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Help needed with dying Juniper tree.

I bought my wife a 10 yr old (as told) juniper bonsai on June 10th and what I understood from the saleslady with a very heavy accent was to put the pot in water every 4-5 days for 5 minutes. My tree is now very dry and the juniper spikes are falling off, I have watered it alot (by just putting water in until it goes though) and misted it but I feel as if its a goner.

I have kept it in the house this entire time because we run a swamp cooler and I thought the moisture in the air was perfect. I have no experience with these wonderful trees so I'm kind of at a loss as to what I can do if anything, the branches and everything seemed very fresh and alive until a week or two ago.

I feel aweful about this and it was a birthday gift for my wife as well.

I am confused about the submerging of the pot, does that mean to completly put in water to where it goes over the little pebbles ?


Sorry for the newbieness of this post.

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aren't junipers supposed to be grown outdoors? :?

You can also try fertilizers (try 10-10-10. You'll know what I mean when you take a look at the fertilizer)

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I am sorry to say it sounds as though it is dead. Once all of the needles on a juniper turn brown, it is usually gone. You can, however test if the tree is alive by scratching the bark with your fingernail to expose the cambium layer. If this layer is green, the tree is alive, if not, it is dead.

Junipers need to be grown outdoors, they need a period of dormancy. It sounds as though the tree was ill before you got it, although I'm not sure. Are the pebbles glued to the top?

Submersion referes to submersing it up to the brim of the pot (not overflowing the top).

Junipers often look as if they are alive after they have died, so I am unsure whether this is your fault or not (I'd guess not).

I hope this doesn't discourage you from getting future Bonsai,


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