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new Juniper bonsai - how to survive Boston winter?


I received a Juniper bonsai tree for Valentine's Day (2 days ago). I realize that these are outdoor plants, and as such I do not want mine to die in the interim before I can move it outside. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to move the plant outside when there is 4+ feet of snow on the ground (and yet another snow storm coming in a couple days). Would it be best to put it in my garage (temp average around 30F) by the window so it can still receive light during the day? And then mist it every day so it doesn't dry out? Or should I move it in the pot it is in right now outside and leave it on my deck (I don't think its realistic that I would be able to dig into the ground at this time).

Again I am a total newbie to this -if you couldn't already tell - so any and all advice from past experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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One question is what it has been used to, before it came to you. If it has been an outdoor tree in the Boston area, then by all means keep it outside, just in some kind of shelter, so snow pack doesn't break it.

If it has been an indoor tree (you are right, that is not good for them, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been sitting is someone's shop or whatever for sometime), then garage would be better and you may need to harden it to that gradually.

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I would look for the coldest indoor window sill you can set it on. For this final quarter of winter 2014. next spring its going to need to return outside in the fall of 2015.

You may want to look over plastic or mica pots for a winters rest outdoors with your Juniper. Ceramic pots don't freeze well.

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