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New to Bonsai and have a question...(Indoor Juniper?)

Hi everyone,
I've been toying around with getting a Bonsai tree for quite some time and finally bought a Juniper because I've read that it is a great tree for beginners. My only problem is that I live in a dorm and it can be difficult for me to assess what and where I can put my new Bonsai tree. I have an excellent bay view window with a lot of sun Id like to put it, but it is a bay view and I do not want the bonsai drying out easily. So I feel that maybe by the edge it will be covered by the shade a little will be ok? Then at night

Id like to move it to my desk, which also has a florescent light I can use. However, being relatively new to bonsai the guides I've read suggest natural sunlight but the florescent can be used as a substitute.
I'm really looking forward to the challenge of having a nice tree and something that adds a little more to my room and hopefully I can figure out a lot more about Bonsais themselves. I also was wondering if I do not have a watering can available would a cup with small doses of water work well?
I know the saying to water twice to ensure the bonsai gets enough water I'm just nervous because I wouldnt want to over water the poor tree.
Thanks for your help!

Edit: I just realized that a Juniper would not survive I'm sorry for my stupidity =[

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
I just realized that a Juniper would not survive
You are correct in saying that Junipers are not an appropriate species for indoor culture. Perhaps there is someone else who can maintain the tree for you. Do you have family or friends nearby? Many mass produced bonsai are still very much on the young side and it would probably benefit from a few years in the ground. This will allow the tree to mature somewhat and relieve you of the pressure of maintaining it until your situation changes.

Fluorescents can be adequate for some species but the window might be better. Better yet, can you combine both situations by locating the supplemental lighting in the bay window? Ficus would be a much better choice for your situation. They too do best with full sun but will tolerate indoor culture much better than a Juniper. Take a look [url=]here[/url] for some information about Ficus indoors.

Bonsai is not really an indoor activity although it can be done with care and the selection of appropriate stock. If Ficus do not appeal to you there are other tropical and sub-tropical species that are grown indoors as well but even so they will all do better outside during the summer. Good luck.


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