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White jack pine leaves?

I bought one of those bonsai kits from my store for 7 bucks last year. I followed the mini booklet and for a time it was growing well. End of last year toward this year Jan/Feb we had a terrible winter. I followed to what I thought would help the plant. By March into April I noticed the leaves were turning from a green to a slight brown. At that point I would transplant the sprout from the mini pot it came with to a much bigger one with new soil. I also noticed the roots of the sprout-ling one was longer than most so I trimmed the one root and replanted. Now the color of the leaves when from a brown to a now a white. (pics attached)

So have a killed my plant?
Is this normal for the mini bonsai?

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Re: White jack pine leaves?

Pines are outdoors only trees. Loess or peat based soils hold far too much water. Your seedling is at best drowning, and may have already drowned.

If your jack-pine lives, it will take another 10 to 25 years before it will become a bonsai.

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