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Sycamore (Acer Pseudoplanatus) Bonsai

For the last few years, way before I was interested in Bonsai, there has been a sycamore growing out of a kerb in front of my garage.
I really liked the look of it and decided about two months ago, partly because it was getting in the way, that I would try to train it as a Bonsai.

I potted it and it has been doing really well, but know with it being the growing season, I was wondering if anybody had any tips or advice on leave pruning and more general care.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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like a deshojo maple my advice is to snip off the leaf but leave the stalk(cut it off as close to the leaf as you can."leaf cutting "if you need to search more about it.

leaving the stalk preseves moisture for the new buds at the base
the stalks will drop off before the buds open


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You've picked a great one to start with, as they are very common and grow as weeds here in the Midlands, so any tips you do learn will be valuable and if it doesn't survive it's only time you've lost.

See if you can find some others growing as weeds so that you can practice on them.

Don't be frightened of cutting off leaves as said previously, they don't mind that at all.

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