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ginseng ficus...new bonsai owner

I have just bought a ginseng ficus, unfortunatly it was planted in a small pot with the rocks glued in, which I read here that it is the worst thing for them!! what is the best way to remove the rocks, and what should I look for in a new pot?? also, what is the best soil to re-pot in? I am not only a new bonsai owner, but new to gardening in general... could use all the help I can get!! thanks in advance!!

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Welcome to the Helpful Gardener. Being so new you should read the sticky threads at the top of the forum, make sure to follow the links within. Removing the old top-dressing will be part and parcel of re-potting. This is a good time of year to re-pot Ficus.

Most experienced growers would recommend a very free draining mix. Tropicals can include a fairly high percentage of organic ingredients. The pot at this point is probably not that important as long as it allows sufficient room for root growth.


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