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Can moss help shade bonsai soil?

first of all everyone has been so so helpfull to me and my juniper
you have all helped me keep her alive

I have been told moss is usually just decoration
but it is getting to be an average of 105-110 degrees lately
so if I were to put moss over the rocks would that help keep moisture in?

my soil is fired shale with a bit of pine bark
my juniper is also getting dry-her needles are getting brittle and sometimes chip off- that is what sparked my question


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Your location is harsher than mine and I am only a little over a year with my first Juniper so I am somewhat at a loss.

In your climate I doubt you are referring to keeping live moss but instead you intend to use it as a top-dressing to shade the soil and roots. This may help to keep the soil cooler. I have been shading my soil with some thin boards to do this same thing.

Are you sure you are keeping up with your watering sufficiently? Depending on your medium you may need to water more often during such hot weather. Perhaps you can relocate the tree to a location that receives some shelter during the hottest part of the day.


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