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brown dead spots on leaves please help

Ive had my chinese elm for about 2 years and it has dropped all of its leaves once and has the odd yellow leaf that drops but alsways looked fab.

Within the last 2 days patches of what looks like dead leaf have appeared on leaves on nearly every branch ive never had this problem before and have had bonsais for about 15 years.

Any ideas. The only thing i can think of i sprayed a household flea spray in that room a few days ago with all windows and doors open round the skirting could this be it?

If anyone could help Id be very grateful

Cheers :)

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Welcome to the forum. Without seeing the problem, and even if we do, it is very difficult to say for certain what your difficulty may be, look [url=]here[/url] for information about taking and posting pictures of your tree. Chinese Elms are reputed to be rather sensitive to various pesticides and I am very careful with what I use on mine.

It is possible that you have diagnosed your own problem, but what to do to remedy the situation is another matter. As long as you did not actually spray the tree I suspect it should make a recovery. Perhaps you could thoroughly mist the tree in an attempt to remove any residue. I take it you keep it inside all year, is that correct? It would do better outside especially during the summer.

At any rate be aware that if it loses a significant portion of its foliage this will reduce the amount of water the tree transpires, so be extra careful not to over-water it. Just keep an eye on it and be patient. There was a recently a [url=]thread about Black Spot fungus[/url] that may offer some insight but without seeing the tree I can't say for certain that this is relevant.


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