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Help me save my moms bonsai tree

I bought this bonsai tree for my mother a few months ago for Mother's Day and its been slowly dying ever since then I'm not sure what kind it is so I have included a picture of it my mom has many plants in her house and I tease her by saying it looks like a jungle in her living room and she has no problem keeping any of her other plants alive so I thought she would enjoys this beautiful tree as she has but has gotten very frustrated with it because she can't keep it from dying so I am now trying to bring it back to life for her please help me and tell me what I can do to save this poor little guy thank you
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Re: Help me save my moms bonsai tree

On my monitor that is a trunk against a brown background. I can't even make a guess what kind of tree it is.

Inasmuch as there is no designated place where your tree is growing, beyond indoors I can't make seasonal recommendations,

The likely big three of malsai bonsai are: elm, fig, juniper. None of whom should be indoors in the northern hemisphere in August.

1. Check for and remove glued on rocks. They interfere with watering.

2. Go to bonsai learning forum here and read chop-stick watering posts.

3. Trees don't live where the ambient humidity is 20% or less, like indoors.

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Re: Help me save my moms bonsai tree


I had just replied to a duplicate thread and was about to remove this one when I saw your reply. Perhaps I'll merge them later. Thanks for pitching in.


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