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I purchased a Korean Boxwood from a local nursery. The trunk is approx. 2" thick, and has some interesting visible roots. Not quite what could be considered nebari, but it looks almost like it is already straddling a rock, though it is not.
Overall it is 14" high, in a 2 gallon pot. As there was a mass of lower branches that were too low, I cut those off, and did some pruning to open it up some. That was a few weeks ago.
It seems healthy and the work I have done to it has had no ill effects on it so far.
My question is, the soil in the nursery pot is very heavy, with a considerable amount of clay. As I really do not think it necessary to thicken the trunk further, nor grow if much taller, is it safe to repot and root prune at this time of year?
I live in the northwest and we are now a few weeks past last frost, with temps expected in the 80-90's over the next week or more.
It has been living in filtered sunlight on my patio.


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moulman, Welcome :D

Well, here in the northeast spring is in full swing moving into summer and potting time is pretty much over, but if your last frost was only two weeks ago then it seems this could be the perfect time. Although you might want to potect it from the hot sun for a month or two afterwards.

I am not an expert on your area but from what youve said it seems like it would be ok.


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