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Bonsai tree has pests. Can anyone help please?

I bought this Bonsai several days ago and I noticed when I got home the tree had pests. The last image below you can notice on the top leaf that it has 3 little eggs on it that are white. Sorry that the image is blurry I had to get as close as I could with my iPhone.

What type of Bonsai tree do I have? The tag from Home Depot only said 'Asian Accents' Bonsai.

What can I do to treat this Bonsai before the problem gets worse?





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Re: Bonsai tree has pests. Can anyone help please?


I believe that you have a Fukien Tea I can't really comment on the 'pests' as the picture is too blurry. I don't grow this species but I know that they have a reputation for being finicky as well as being sensitive to certain pesticides. Be wary of any spraying without doing additional research.


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Re: Bonsai tree has pests. Can anyone help please?

My old eyes don't see much more than some pierced leaves. I'm not at all sure you have an abiding resident population of aphids or some other biting insect.

I'd be doing a search or three as to what insecticides a tea can tolerate. They don't tolerate many sprays.

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Re: Bonsai tree has pests.

Hi...nice bonsai...except for the pests. If you bought it at a nursery you could take it back and ask for a better plant or suggestions there. Myself, I usually try hand washing with soapy water to see how that does at removing and preventing pests.

One suggestion I was given was warm water, some dish soap and a bit of vegetable oil in a sprayer. The source claimed the oil helped the soap stay on the leaves and the outer shell of the bugs.Of curse there are commercial soap by Safer that might work.

Good Luck...Linda

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