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Where can I buy screen-sided boxes?

New to bonsai & the forum- looking for all/any advice & suggestions!
Hindsight being 20/20, I've now realize I went too quickly into the final pot (the nursery suggested I buy one, that I save 25% & they'd pot it w/ bonsai soil for free! Seemed like a deal but, saving that $3.50 matters not since a tree will not develop well in such circumstances!) SO; I made a grow box out of extra wood & wire mesh. I understand grow box vs training pot; in the screen sided pot fine roots needed for survival in final bonsai pot develop. I've read pond baskets work well but, they are rather homely!
A quick google search came up NADA, just tips & info. Where can I purchase such?
ANY suggestions on grow boxes, soil ratios etc appreciated! (I'd be applying these to 2 serissa& a cherry)

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Don't forget to search the forum for past threads, many of your concerns have been addressed before. Have a look at this thread.

https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/vi ... 72#p188362


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