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Looking for a 2-10-10 fertilizer

I ran out of this type of fertilizer, which worked well for bonsai, potted camellias and potted lemon trees during winter. I cannot find it locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area (TX). Does anyone know where to order some by mail instead? TIA, Luis

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Interesting... I did a little looking and couldn't find any to order on line.

These folks: ... atalog.pdf

are in Colorado and have this granular formulation:

Gro-Power Winterizer 2-10-10
GP00204 Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen 2-10-10 20# bag
Strengthens Plants to Withstand Winter Environments
Aids in Early Spring Re-Growth

I don't know why they call it "Hi-Nitrogen" when they specify 2-10-10

the link gives their address and phone, you could probably order some by mail.

ebstone in Calif sells liquid Master Bloom 2-10-10

again they don't seem to give any way to order on line, but you could call them. Phone number is on the Contact Us page.

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