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I have had my 3 bonsais almost over a year now and its getting time to repot but I am completely lost. I pretty knowledgeble about my bonsai on daily care, fertilzation, pruning, wiring, and how to treat sickness but I have no idea how to repot or even what size pot I should get. I also keep my bonsai on a humidity tray and periodically I find rots growing out of their drainage holes; I usually cut them. Is this a sign that they need new pots and am I doing the right thing by cutting them?

PS- What they do to bonsai's in target and other big chain stores is wrong and is killing off millions of bonsais. I would never ever buy a bonsai from any big chain. I was once given one from my friend which she bought from target for my to take care of because she thought it was dieing, I couldn't understand how it lived longer then a week with ricks glued over it.

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You are so right about the glued rock thing; it's a killer :evil:

Please read the bonsai articles on the site as there is a step by step repotting primer to walk you through it...


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