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Bonsai Leaves Turned Brown - Solution?

My grandmother bought me a beautiful bonsai tree last year and everything has been fine with it... until now that is.

The leaves fell from the tree as normal and it started to bud again in the spring. The buds started to grow and even began opening. We had a dry spell for the last 2 weeks and I was watering the tree.

I've noticed in the last 2 days that the leaves are very brown and seem to be dying. There seems to be a little glimmer of hope on the lower branches as some of the buds are still green. Should I consider replanting? I haven't repotted the tree since I bought it so maybe the roots don't have enough room? Can anyone help me, I really don't want to loose the tree as my gran is very speacial to me as is the tree?

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Hello and welcome. Unfortunately you have not provided nearly enough information for us to give you any meaningful advice. For starters I have never heard of Antrim and had to google it. Are you in Ireland?

Other information we need to help would be, but not limited to, species, location (both yours and the trees, indoors or out sunny or shady), condition of your soil (gritty or peaty), your watering practices, does your pot have the required drainage holes, have you ever fertilized it and if so with what, when and how much?

There may be more questions to come but I think you get the idea, provide as much information as you can. In the meantime just let it be, don't try to overcompensate by constantly watering or moving it around. Please provide pictures if you are able.

Here is some reading for you.



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Re: HELP!!!


Welcome :D

Gnome makes some excellent points about including as much information as possible & of course pictures are excellent.

I have a question about this:
Grant021 wrote:We had a dry spell for the last 2 weeks and I was watering the tree.
Does this mean that the tree is normally watered simply from the rain?...Or otherwise...
2 questions really: What factor was the dry spell? Do you not normally water the tree?

I look forward to more info 8)


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