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Juniper Bonsai - Yellowing Leaves - Beyond saving?

Please help, I have researched quite a bit but wanted to get some direct advice. My juniper has been slowly yellowing and I cant figure out why.

I water it every other day as well as mist it daily. I check the soil for dampness but not too damp daily as well.

It gets about 4 hours of sunlight and fresh air every morning, which I realize isnt quite enough but the sun only shines on my apartment which faces northeast for that long.

I take very good care of it I feel and it is still yellowing. The leaves are still soft and not dry, and it is not drooping or anything.

Please take a look at the pictures and let me know if you think it is beyond saving. And if not then please let me know the best route to take. I want to check the roots but am scared to remove it and/or transplant it and damage it. Any thoughts?


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Juniper Bonsai - Yellowing Leaves - beyond saving?

Hello ghostinOhs. Ken here in the Chicago area. The only 4 hours of sunlight
doesn’t help. Try giving it some supplemental lighting. If your soil stays damp
every day then your’re giving it too much water. Junipers like to dry out
slightly between waterings. Stop misting it and see what happens. Misting
would wet the soil. Keep us posted on your results.
Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area

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Is your Juniper indoors?
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