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Overwintering Pomegranate tree (zone 5b/6a)

I bought a pomegranate tree on impulse at the bonsai club auction in the beginning of September. It had some (regular size) leaves on it it.
It was placed outside along with the rest of my trees. It had 2 small pomegranates that were ripped off by squirrels, after that it became COVERED in small new leaves, and even a couple of small blooms (that i know will never make it). It has gotten to bellow freezing a few nights (no lower than 29 degrees). The tree is still doing fine, the leaves are still fine.
I read that the tree needs to drop all it's leaves before it's ready to be wintered in a cold place.
I have an unheated basement, as well as unheated garage, basement is not as cold as the garage, and additional light source (if needed).

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has advice on when i should move it from outside. I'll post pictures if needed.
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I have been growing some for a while now and have had good luck managing them similar to Chinese Elms. Outside to experience some early frosts then into the unheated garage for the the bulk of the winter. Mine are still outside and have experienced several shallow frosts so far. I'm in no hurry to bring them in just yet.

This is from Brent Walston's site.
Small stem dieback will occur at 10ø but established plants will surely survive. At 0ø there is the risk of killing the entire plant. Younger plants, potted plants, and the dwarf types will need more protection (keep above about 20F).


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