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Help - Bonsai leaves start turning Yellow and Dry

Here is my Bonsai Condition :(




It all begins after an accident that my room mate knock my bonsai down and spilled all the soil.... after that the leaves start turning yellow and dry as you can see in the image i posted

Any advice?, I'm thinking that too much soil has been spilling out and i need to put more soil into it. I have just brought a fertilizer to help as well as extra watering (2 times per a day)

I'm really a beginner in Bonsai so I need more information on this...

Thank you very much :)


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Your bonsai looks healthy enough from the photo's, maybe hold back on the watering twice a day could be to much (DON'T LET THE COMPOST BE TOO WET) it just wants to be slightly damp, also hold back on the fertilizer.
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Your coming up to summer. A shade cloth, and check how wet your soil is with a chop stick.
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