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cork oak

From first looking at it it does not seem like it could survive in Michigan, but I am seeing people in cold climates growing them on the forums. Is there a secret? Or are they taken indoors with out dormancy?

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Having grown oak as bonsai a first question that comes to my mind is this a red or white oak?

English oak is a white and is hearty in NH, so I would expect it hearty in MI.

If your cork oak is a red I'd be looking at a bear oak (quercus ilicifolia).

I hope you are a teen ager if its a red-oak you wanna develop. Your gonna have a long white beard before you style it much.

My english oak was only been in field for ten years and has been in training in a pot for five. It'll be pretty good in another five.

I shovel pruned all my reds when my program closed down in 2010. I am sixty years old and I was never going to get them ready for pots, in my lifetime...

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they have to go into dormancy ... once the leaves fall off they can be put into a unheated garage or cold framed in the ground ...once the leaves are gone they don't need light and and can freeze

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