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Help, new to bonsai tree and not going well!

Hi, my mother in law bought me a bonsai tree about 2 weeks ago. I have put it on the windowsill in the front room, not in direct sunlight. I have tried to follow the instructions re watering-feel the soil and if dry, then water. The leaves have become incredibly dry and are falling off, despite the soil being moist.
I don't want to move it outside as it has been very windy and heavy rain here.
Any suggestions as to how I can re-inject the life into my bonsai?!


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Nobody can help you without knowing what kind of tree you have and preferably seeing a few pictures. Bonsai is not a kind of tree, it is the art of styling and maintaining miniature trees of a variety of kinds. There are bonsai junipers, bonsai elms, bonsai maples, bonsai ficus and so on and so on.

Different kinds of trees have completely different care requirements. Some can be maintained indoors and some cannot.

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do you know which direction the front room window faces? N, S, E, W? North window is the worst place for any plant, because that window gets NO direct sunlight. Also you said the soil is staying moist, but you should let it dry out a bit between watering. Search for "chopstick method" to help you with watering.

And as rainbowgardener said a picture would really help

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I'll bet that whatever kind it is it is 'dying' to be out in the wind and the rain. :wink:

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