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Please heal me my tree is dieng!!

It is a Fukien Tea, well watered and kept in a shady place. It is an indoor plant, with no insect infestation. the leaves are all turning brown and dropping off, one of the branches has no leaves left at all. What should I do????!!!!

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Fukien Tea, a temperate climate tree, will require it's daily need of sunlight. Keeping it in a shaded location is not recommended. When you say "well watered", how much or how little do you water it? When you do attempt to water it, do you check the soil first to see if it is already moist? Are you letting the soil go bone dry in between waterings? Are there any glued on pebbles on the soil surface? If so, you should remove them. How is the root ball looking? Is it dry and shriveled?

Sorry for all of the questions, but it's hard when you have no visual aid to go by. I wish you luck in reviving your tree. Don't forget to search this forum, as many others have posted the same questions and answers on Fukiens.

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