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New to Bonsai and could be in trouble!!

First up, I'd like to say a big HI to everyone.
So happy i've found this site and i'll say thanks now as i am sure one of you guys will come up with some tips for a complete bonsai novice.

I'd been after a Bonsai for a while so imagine my suprise when both my g/f and my old dear both got me one for christmas!!
Both are Chinese Elm and both came with instructions/care guides but contradicted each other in what they were saying.
I've just relocated both to the kitchen as they were living in the window and above a radiator.
One of the tree's has really come back to life now i've moved it and seems to be doing well, but the other really doesnt seem to be doing very well and looks like its on its way out!!
The leaves are very brittle, dried out and brown and there also seems to be some sort of mould on the top of the soil. There is a white substance on the soil which as I've said looks like mould.
If anyone has any ideas or tips i would be grateful if you could share them, i'd be gutted if my tree died and so would the g/f as its the one she got me!!
thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum. Could you please be more specific regarding your location. Even in my area I would be tempted to begin putting an ailing tree outside during the daytime. With daytime highs in the 50's (here) the trees should do well. Just don't put them into direct sun too soon. The "indoor" foliage is probably a little tender.

Please post some pictures, it will help us to help you. [url=]Here[/url] is some help in that regard. Show the foliage and the soil, especially the tree with problems.

Without seeing your trees or at least a little more information it will be difficult to offer much help. More than likely your planting medium (soil) is at the root of your problem. Take a look at the sticky threads at the top of the bonsai forum about re-potting and root pruning. Also look [url=]here[/url] for basic care guidelines, pay particular attention to the sections on watering and soils.


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