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Bonsai revival?

I got a juniper bonsai 6 months ago, and I noticed it has begun to yellow.
I put it indoors for the first 5 months and moved it outdoors for next month, due to the yellowing.
I've watered it every second day (which I know was wrong :oops: )
and now I'm watering only when it needs to. I also mist it once a day
BUT IT'S STILL YELLOWING. about 50% of it is yellow now.
I feel so guilty :cry:

it is able to be revived? or is it too late?
please help. I don't want it to die. :(

here are the picture of before and after.


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There are no miracle revival methods. Junipers die when kept indoors. There is no way to know how long this was indoors before you acquired it. It appears to be too late.

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Wow... Tom, don't you wish there were a way to require all junipers to come with a tag that says "Do not keep indoors--it will die" ? It seems like someone writes in here every week about a juniper that died indoors. Frequently they were told by whomever they bought it from that it would be okay indoors. That is really wrong and the sellers ought to be required to refund the money.

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All they do is make their sale - grab their money and run.

The "before and after" pictures of this tree would make the perfect "poster child", or rather "poster tree" for what happens to junipers indoors.

But where's the logic? If people see junipers growing in the ground all around their local fast food joint why oh why would they think that they would grow in their living room? If they see pine trees, maples, Colorado blue spruces thriving out their windows or in the mountains why oh why would they think these trees would thrive in their living rooms? It's the same thing!

Generally speaking all trees belong outdoors. We make exceptions by finding certain species that can 'tolerate' an artificial environment that is somewhat similar to their native digs - I.e. low light level, dry air, poor air circulation, etc. There are some tropical natives that fall into this category. But for the most part real TREES and shrubs such as junipers will die in your house, and SHAME on all those sellers who take your $$$$ and say that these will do just fine in your house!

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