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Hypoaspis Mites?

There are bugs in the soil of my Fukien Tea, the soil is peat. The tree seems to be uneffected by anything, its happy and growing leaves and flowers, one of the flowers is about to open up, and there are few dozen blooms, so I didn't want to re-pot it just yet.

The bugs don't seem to effect the tree, I only find them if I dig (and by dig I mean move soil around with a chop stick) around the trunk when the soil is damp. I've only found a few bugs.

here's what it looks like, they are VERY small, maybe 1/16 of an inch, and fast runners.


After hours of online searching I think it might be a predatory mite/hypoaspis mite. and if I'm right, I guess those aren't actually bad for the plant.

So if anyone knows one way or another please let me know!

Thank you :)

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