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Brittle Foliage

I am very new to bonsai and my juniper has brittle leaves. I thought there was enough humidity and light, and I kept the soil moist. What could be the problem and how can I salvage my tree? I chose this as many books advised it was a good plant for beginners :cry:

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Since you mentioned the humidity and light, it sounds like you have your juniper indoors? They are really not an indoor tree. They need cold dormancy in the winter. You can type juniper bonsai in the Search the Forum Keyword box, to find tons of information already here about them.

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If the leaves on you juniper are dry and brittle, it's already dead.
Junipers need to be outside all the time.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Try a ficus if you want an indoor tree.

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This is a very common problem all around the world. Probably the biggest misconception out there concerning bonsai - JUNIPERS BELONG OUTDOORS, just like PINE TREES, SPRUCE TREES, MAPLE TREES and a long list of other hardy and temperate trees. They just can not live a healthy vigorous life inside a house.

With the wonderful world of internet knowledge available at your fingertips anyone can and should learn some of the very basic horticultural aspects of growing trees if they want to be keepers of little trees in little pots. They are living trees and trees need certain things that we can provide them. Making bonsai from them is secondary to keeping them healthy.

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A sticky needs to made specifically for junipers. It should be entitled something along the lines of "Junipers are not indoor bonsai." Seriously though. Of course I'm one of those guys who doesn't believe any type of tree should be grown indoors. I mean where did trees grow before people, and their homes came along? Outside of course. It doesn't mean it can't, or shouldn't be done, but I think a tree thrives when placed in it's natural environment.

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