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I don't believe that very many new bonsai 'owners' spend enough time checking out, or are totally unaware of, the forum services offered here. There are 5 distinct sections and they have different themes or purposes. See below -
Scroll down to BONSAI - see the five catagories.

Please do some reading and researching. Bonsai is a huge topic. Slow down and immerse yourself in it.

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I'm just bumping your post Tom, so maybe more people will see it. Since I read in this Forum a lot, I know that many people write in only after they have have a dead or dying bonsai tree, not having done the research first to know basic things like junipers can't live indoors, etc.

So do your homework everyone and save yourself a lot of disappointment and wasted $$! :)
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bump as well

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And just a reminder that we also have a few articles in the [url=]Bonsai[/url] section of the main website. ;)

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