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before you guy kill me IT WAS A GIFT

I got a princess elm. These things are drought tolerant but also need the cold. In Michigan its been nothing but rain my black pines are getting yellow needless because of it(I'm told by the nursery that happens but if it continues to rain to bring it to them for a few weeks of dryness. Anyway I did my research and these wonderful beautiful elms hate this much water, its still has green leaves...should I garage it?In Michigan these plants are hard to get. If I put it into the local green house it will get stolen and they will pay me 20(since officially its not a bonsai). I havecstopped aquiring plants but since my first year I only had one failure due to my own lazyness,people think I can bring plants to life. I have requests from people who's trees I am very afraid to get near just because their value. But again I was told that I seem to have a way with plants and was even invited to be hired as a plant care guru or something at the green house. Its not that hard!!! I will admit I talk to my even I think that's nuts. Anyway as for the princess elm. Garage would be I think the best option since putting any plastic on the pot would just promote root rot. Perhaps moving the plant to a larger pot(not a transplant but just move the root ball no rake or dirt removal into a slightly larger pot with calcien clay in the hope some water will be wicked away through capilliary action. Any thoughts? Any one grow these. On the net the information is conflicting. Some say it grows slow others that it very fast growth. Personally I like it shape the way it is I may remove a branch or two. I try to stay away from the green house because many people know me and ask questions.....sorry I realize I do the same here.

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The weather ate my homework, er, bonsai.

As I have said (and lived to regret), anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.

I would spare you the sad task, when a move becomes mandatory, that you get to shovel prune many of your children.

For every donor bemused with your endevour, there will be a sceptic scandalised by your hobby.

Sooner or later, the sceptics win.

It aint no fun. Entropy will prune your plantation.
Think like a tree
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