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Cloning Bouganvilla

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this, and if so what I should be looking for in the starater roots. I've been attempting to clone a Bouganvilla cutting for a few weeks now. It appears to have some root growth, but mostly looks like white clusters rather than roots. Where in the same water solution I have a Rosemary cutting, and the roots are sprouting like crazy. Any ideas or suggestions would be a great help. I can post pictures if it helps. let me know.

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I don't have any experience with bougies so I have no idea as to how quickly they will root.

Are these Semi-hard wood or soft wood cuttings? You are using simply water? : A bit about cuttings there.

A bit on Boagies here:

B4me says wrt Propagation:
Softwood cuttings in early Spring, semi-ripe cuttings in Summer, air-layer in Autumn or Spring.
Wrong time of year [for one thing], Do you have any additional heating or lighting/humidity going on? Rooting hormone? They may just take a while under the best of circumstances and out of season may not be helping....
Roots do look like 'white clusters' for a while until they get their growth on. You may want to ride it out for a few more weeks and see what develops. How long have these been going?

Just a few ideas,
good luck

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