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Adeniums in Bonsai pots

Does anyone on this site grow Adeniums in Bonsai pots?
Also, have many used Turface for Bonsai's. Mainly top dressing.

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I have grown a couple in bonsai pots in the past and actually am going to try it again once I get rid of the pony tail palm(I want the pot). Are you going to try you hand at it?

I have heard of several people saying they use turface for adeniums. I cant get it were I live or I would also.
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As with any "bonsai", Adeniums need to be grown out first, then potted down. Get the caudex to the thickness you want first. Then worry about root pruning into ever more shallow pots.

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I have a couple of Bonsai pots and one I was thinking of using for my Adenium, just because I like the pot and need to transplant it up.
Wondering how much space they need? Do they require a lot of soil/planting medium to grow well?
I found Turface at a place nearby that supplies fertilizer to nurseries and they carry it for the purpose of sports fields groups to improve drainage and reduce water.
Someone else told me to check for 'pumice'. They said they bought it from a concrete block plant. They just would go in and fill a pale.

Is the depth of soil important to Adeniums?
Not ready to do any type of root pruning on this right now.

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All mine are in dormancy currently, but yes they are fine for Bonsai pots and begin to look nice after a few years and some growth.
As to Turface. I use in without exception in every single Bonsai, tropical or temperate. Have done this for years and find it the nicest alternative to some of the other 'drainage improvers' than many use.
I mix it with pine bark and plain old Miracle Gro potting soil and love the results. Don't use the moisture retention type of Miracle Gro. Just the regular potting soil.

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