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Thanks for the advice on fertilizer, Norm

Hi Norm,
I'm not sure if I did this correctly...trying to post a photo of my little Scheff with its humidity tray in place. Thanks for the advice on fertilizer. I thought I was supposed to use only 1/2 strength when I did use a commercial fertilizer...Perhaps I read that in my book? Can I use something like Miraclegro? It's probably the only one I am really familiar with....Perhaps I'll take a trip to my local nursery to ask some questions in the bonsai section!!
Thanks again Norm....hopefully the photo of my little tree is in this posting...
Liz :D

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You're welcome. As you can see the thumbnail showed up correctly. If you intended to have the full size picture show then another of the codes will do that. I would tend to stick with the thumbnails for most things, the pages load quicker and if you already saw the pic once you don't have to wait for it to load again.

There is a bit of a debate over the fertilizer question. It is not uncommon to see half strength recommended, and it will certainly not harm your tree. On the other hand the manufacturers of these products spend considerably effort to make a safe effective product.

One more thing to consider though is that if you dilute the product to half strength you can apply it twice as often and accomplish the same thing. Some feel that this is preferable to full strength (mixed according to directions) applied less often. Hope this helps and keep us informed about your progress.


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