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HELP My ficus bonsai lost all of its leaves :(

hey everyone,
my ficus bonsai lost all of it's leaves. I water it every day and spray leaves often because it's quite hot and dry outside. I keep it indoors. The leaves get brown or half brown and they fall. I scratched a small part of the trunk to see if it's still alive or not -it is. can someone tell what's going on by looking at the photo? thanks in advance!


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The other leafless branches look dried up as well. Again, scratch one of the thicker branches and see if it's still green under the bark to see if they're still alive. Do the samething on the bulbus trunk and see if it's alive. If even the lower part of the bulbus trunk is dead then give up. If the trunk still alive then give it stable conditions to recover such as an area outdoors protected from wind and strong mid afternoon sun. Don't keep watering it. Water only when the soil is almost all dry.
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linlaoboo wrote: Don't keep watering it. Water only when the soil is almost all dry.
+1 to that.

Losing all leaves is pretty typical of a ficus that has just been moved, especially if it was stressed to begin with. It also sounds like you were overwatering even when it did have leaves. Like linlaoboo said, only water when it's dry, even below the top layer.

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Where is this tree being kept?

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