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Chinese Elm Bonsai Leaves Dried Out

Hello all, new to the bonsai world, but it is very relaxing and takes me far from my stress filled job.I have acquired a few trees to get started all are doing well with the exception of one.2 junipers ,a white pine,norfolk island pine, ficus,fic tea, and a Chinese elm.The Chinese elm s leaves have dried out even though the soil is always moist.could this be because of misting,I do keep it out of direct sunlight,it is very intense here in Texas,and quite humid.Please help..[/i]

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Are these trees kept indoors or outdoors?

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seiju elm

My seiju elm has the same problem. I keep it outdoors and the foliage isn't as filled out as before. In the spring I repotted it to change out the spagnum moss type soil to half bonsai soil. Eventhough new buds come out and turn into some leaves. The old ones are constantly drying up and shedding. I'm finding myself combing my fingers through the leaves to clean the dry leaves off they are crispy and come off like dusts. One more thing I notice is the top of the soil has a layer of green which I'm guessing fungus. I tried letting it dry more and even spraying it to no avail so far.
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