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Two Trunks

I bought a Juniper at the Garden Centre earlier. It has two trunks emerging from the soil as follows:


Is it most likely the case that both trunks are part of the same root network? And in which case, is it possible to separate them somehow?

Obviously if they're two separate plants in the same pot then that's easy isn't it?!
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Yes, it is likely that the two trunks are from the same root system - but not necessarily. The juni factory workers might have tossed 2 weak plants into the pot rather than 1 bigger one. This is done "assembly-line process" in some Asian location where "mallsai" are born.

Either way I would not rush into splitting them. Let them grow out and get real healthy and vigorous. Down the road you might want to shorten one of them, or bend one off to one side a bit. This is a style often called a father/son or mother/daughter tree and can be quite attractive, and it doesn't require disturbing the roots. :wink:


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