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New to bonsai

I am new to bonsai and have a small well like pot that I thought would look good with a bonsai in it. It is shallow and rustice looking and was thinking of a juniper but after reading about them I'm not sure if it is right. I live in Northern Virginia and the winters can get pretty cold. I was going to keep it on my breakfast nook. I do have a small deck in the back that gets morning filtered sun. What do you suggest?

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First off I would like to commend you for asking the question first, far too many beginners come to forums like this asking for help with a tree that is already in poor condition or even dying.

The first thing you must do is codify in your own mind what you want out of this hobby. Traditionally bonsai are temperate species that are maintained outside. If this is your choice it will probably be best to hold off until Spring. Your climate is not too cold for Junipers, but make no mistake Junipers belong outside.

If on the other hand you are interested in indoor bonsai then you will choose an appropriate species for that environment. Do some reading or ask further questions and we will try to help. Either way there is no rush.


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Gnome makes some excellent points and I too commend you for seeking the information first. That concept works well in any situation :D .

As he mentioned, You have plenty of time for R & R.
I mean of course: Reading & Research, Then read some more, Research, And read some more. 8)

The only thing I would add wrt if the pot is suitable or not is that it is a requirement that it have drainage holes in it.

Aesthetics wrt pots can become a long drawn out subjective artistic conversation.
Though there are some ancient conventions that some adhere to {or not}, Ultimately for your purposes the only thing that matters is that it does the job and pleases you.

Don't hesitate to ask if you want a few links [Or dozens... :P ] to read to broaden your horizens and see just how we go about Creating, Constructing, And Caring for Bonsai.

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