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5 gallon nursery juniper project

I bought this tree at the local big box store. it was the only one with a single trunk. I am having trouble deciding which will be the new leader. With procumbens you tend to have many lower dominant branches.

I am wrestling with the idea of keeping more foliage so that the trunk will thicken faster, or trimming more off in order to find its shape and encourage back budding. these images are after the initial thinning and minor wiring.

I will wait until winter to repot this juniper, the texas heat destroys evergreens if you repot in the summer. the soil is heavy on organic matter but i supplemented it with crushed shale pebbles.

i apologize for the poor image angles, i will be able to photograph it better once its in its new pot.




here is an idea for the tree, i adjusted the planting angle quite a bit. and hey how about some jins.

suggestions are welcomed! :)

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Now you got my attention. My kind of bonsai (project). Thanx for providing the "before". Will be following your progress. But don't rush it. Keep it healthy & happy.

Nice design virt. I like your work. You've got a good eye.

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