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JustinBoi wrote:...He looks drunk :).
But I asked GrandDad and he told me about him...
After 5 minutes I was somewhat bored.
The youth of today... [img][/img]

Anyway, TomC has some good ideas. I'm checking out Craigs List next myself.
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All but one of the larch that came here with me to OH, were not merely dug out a ditch, but delivered to me by a person who was cleaning up her front yard after the town crew had passed by with a sicle-mower.

The idea that I was pumped up over some sawed off tamarack stumps, had her intregued. She stuck around to watch me pot them up, just to convince herself that I wasn't going to smoke them, 'or something'.

Well the fact that they went out on a bench with many other trees of her first veiwing helped too.

I did have one town-crew try to tell me I had to take all of several thousand larch, or none, once. (I did pass on that deal)

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I do not take Spanish or know any.
I do take French in school which probably will not help me anywhere here in the U.S.
Maybe Canada.
I went to my local nursery today and they said they would have to think about if I could work there.
Only because I am so young. The said they would say 'no' if I had no idea about any plants.
But since I've been there numerous times and know almost everything they sell, they said I might be able to.
(Since I have the knowledge) :)
The Youth Of Today :) We are just so nice now-a-days :twisted:

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