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Hackberry wilted leaves

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:04 am
by Chris M
Hi folks,

About 2 weeks ago, I brought a new bonsai into my bonsai garden. The bonsai was already potted, so I merely relocated it and placed it in a position where it would only get sun for half the day, as I was told to do - it gets sun from roughly midday to sunset.

Yesterday the temperature was 38 degrees, hugely hot for where I stay as we usually have temperatures reaching 32 degrees maximum during our summer (it is summer now).

The leaves have dried out quite badly and I'm rather worried. All the other bonsai are alright though. Last night I gave the bonsai a lot of water to ensure circulation, but it's not looking much better. I'm not sure if I should move it out of the sun today and water it more?

Here are 2 pics:


Any help would be greatly appreciated![/img]

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:31 pm
by rainbowgardener
Just to translate for all the Americans. That would be 38 degrees C = 100 degrees F.

I'm not a bonsai grower but just as a general gardener, I would suggest moving your tree to where it gets morning sun instead of fierce hot afternoon summer sun. Also if where it came from it was not in a sunny location, it has to be gradually accustomed to it.

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:44 am
by Chris M
Morning Folks,

Well I've got fantastic news :)

Thanks to @rainbowgardener it looks like my Hackberry is going to pull through. I didn't water it for 4 or 5 days and I picked off 80% of the dead leaves. Yesterday it rained, so I allowed it to enjoy the rain. This morning upon checking it, I see new leaves!!! Here's a pic:


This 1984 tree is going to make it and I can't express how happy I am!