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New Bonsai Need care info help

I just received a Fukien tea Bonsa as a gift. The roots are exposed over a rock. Are the roots alos in the soil? Do I water and care for it the same as a Bonsai planted only in soil?

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Some plants such as the Fukien Tea have exposed roots and regular roots like other plants. So to your question, Yes, there is roots in the soil.
For watering, you would want to do the chop stick method that I've been suggested to do.
You water it once from the top and when the chop stick isn't completely soaked in soil but more off of the chop stick then on, then you water it.
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I only have one ROR but I tend to water it more, not more often, in order to assure that water is penetrating under the rock. The chopstick method, as suggested, is particularly good for beginners who are not yet familiar with their plants and whose trees are often potted in heavier soil. As you become more in tune with your trees you will find that it is no longer necessary.

I have tried it out and here is how I prefer to utilize this technique. Find a place in your pot that you can leave the chopstick/skewer. Leave it there full time only removing it to check the moisture level in the soil. Hold it to your cheek, or the underside of your wrist, and you should be able to tell if the soil is still damp. The advantage of this method is that you are able to tell what's going on under the surface.

I don't grow this species but if you use the search function here you will find existing threads that should be able to help.


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