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Gardenia Bonsai Help

Hello Everyone- I would sincerely appreciate any help I can get. I received a gardenia bonsai in Apr. 2010 as a gift. The bonsai flowered beautifully over the summer and continued to grow new leaves until december. However, it now appears that my bonsai is dying - or worse, is already dead. Because of this cold winter, I've been leaving my heater on and I think that my bonsai completely dried out. I watered it regularly, but the green leaves literally dried completely out and became crunchy. The branches look normal, but I don't see signs of any new life.

Is there anything I can do to save my bonsai?

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This might be the work of spider mites, but I have not experience on these plants. It might not hurt to spray it with neem though, just to be safe.
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