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help a dying bonsai!!

I used to live in Chicago and recentley moved to Birmingham, Alabama. I
noticed my tree has been turning brown and looks like its dieing. I figured
change in temperature may have affected it. I water it 1 time every few weeks and the soil
stays wet for a while....should I keep it torwards the light...keep it in
the dark? I'm not really sure what to do to revive it?..please help...

Thank you


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Jared, I need to know what kind of tree. Bonsai is a catch-all phrase that encompasses any tree you put through the dwarfing process; they can be anything from bamboo to pine trees and the treatment changes accordingly.

And yet... watering every few weeks sounds suspiciously low. If the soil is staying moist that long it is probably doing a horrible job of gas exchange.
Wrong time of year for repotting; but I'm leary already... Find out what it is and we'll come up with a course of action...


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